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2 reasons why sucks… again…

23 May
May 23, 2007

Ok I have been noticing some steady traffic for terms like “algorithm commercial” etc. I decided to check out that serp result in google and I see something really interesting. I rank #1 for it! Directly underneath is which is good PR for Google Results. See photo below.


Then I checked out for this same result. Its funny that for the term algorithm commercial, which is the current marketing campaign that their blog does NOT even rank within its own engine. In fact there are some really weird results coming up.

ask google

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    1. Stephan Miller says:

      I don’t really see the problem with the results. I comes down to something similar as looking for “soap” at a search engine. Are you looking for detergent or are you a programmer. Are you looking for the buzz on a new commercial or are you looking for “commercial algorithms” and which results will have more long standing value. Seems to me, it would be the ones from ask.

    2. Quinae Gray says:

      google… sucks

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