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Stumble Upon Removes Audience Rank

17 Apr
April 17, 2007

I have been missing my audience rank for about 3 days now. I started to get very suspicious of this so I started asking around. It looks like Stumble Upon has taken a page out of the book of digg and started removing factors that allow you to gauge your rank and profile power within stumble upon.

See profile picture update:
Stumble Upon Removes Audience Rank

We currently still have the top stumblers page at least but I feel that may be sure to follow the audience rank and be removed. The power behind each profile seems to have stayed which is no big suprise.

I hope they bring it back because I got it up to around 6500 and I was really happy to see this number keep growing with all of the quality stumbling I have been doing. Its a nice way to be inspired to keep stumbling as petty as that sounds.

See my interview over at Web Pro News regarding the audience rank removal.

Pronet Advertising picked up the story as well. Thanks CAM!

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    3 replies
    1. Erin says:

      I was really disappointed when Digg stopped doing this and one of the big reasons I started Stumbling. As far as the top stumblers being an incentive…’s a bit like running in a marathon….your pushing hard and in the pack and you know the Kenyans are out in front…..probably way out in front…..but you have no idea.

    2. cotton says:

      How dare they do this!!

    3. Matthew Bonner says:

      This move is related to performance and the integration of some Google technologies.

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