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Rockyfied Roundup | Whats going on in the search industry | 4/21/07

21 Apr
April 21, 2007

I have been late to post recent activity in the search engine industry. I have been really busy plus my trip to SES NY has put me back a little bit but I wanted to keep my readers up to date if they have not seen some of this information already. Some very interesting stuff is going on in the search industry.

Google’s Eric Schmidt announces that YouTubes “claim your content” is almost ready, reports Search Engine Land.

Googles Matt Cutts says there is a new way to report sites that offer paid links. Although we know google has been after paid links for a while this opens up a big can of worms for us SEOs. I have heard rumor that link brokers are currently working on ways to get around this. Aaron walls talks about the real reason google doesnt like paid links, see todd mailoats link communist post here.

Kris Jones from Pepper Jam Search reports Google to buy Double Click for 3.1 billion dollars. Double Click is an SEO firm which makes this news very shocking. Read coverage on pepperjamsearch blog and loren baker talks about what google might do with double clicks marketing company called Performics.
Search Engine Journal talks about MSNs tellme new services that are competing with Goog 411.

Ebay is reportedly acquiring stumble upon which makes me very nervous on the future usage of stumble upon, tech crunch reports.

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