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Adobe Media Optimizer First to Market with Bing Product Ads Support

24 Jul
July 24, 2013

Online retailers have a new reason to be excited over their pay per click marketing campaigns.  Today, Adobe has become first to market with their new Adobe Media Optimizer system powered by Bing Product Ads.

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Penguin 2.0 update has effects on small and medium sized business

24 Jul
July 24, 2013

I just wrote about the Penguin 2.0 update and its effects on SMB’s on See article here:

Google Introduces favicons to their text ads – Inside AdSense

24 Jul
July 24, 2013

Yesterday I wrote an article on web pro news about the new Google Adsenes update allowing favicons into ads. Read the article here:

Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2013

24 Jul
July 24, 2013

2013 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors


When initiating an Search Engine Optimization plan, it may be rather perplexing when trying to really know what exactly you should optimize. The reality is that it happens to be simple and easy to understand. You will find more than 200 factors considered when figuring out rankings for keywords, nevertheless the following six possess by far the most weight, all of which will be directly influenced by your approaches.

1. HTML web page title: This is certainly regarded as the main element of on an SEO page. It is very simple and fast to optimize, and will possess a great impact on your search rankings. You must aim for your primary pages keywords here, yet prevent keyword stuffing. I’d suggest you don’t use your keywords greater than two times within the page title. Remember to keep it short, for instance one string of words of around 10 words.

2. Noticeable on page HTML content: While apparently obvious, this is certainly an area that is overlooked by lots of website owners. A sites on page content must retain the keywords that you’re aiming to rank high in. Just how much keyword density you need to have in the content is not clear, yet it’s extensively acknowledged that you need to try to get about 5% of the words to become the keywords you’re targeting. Once again, it is best to abstain from keyword stuffing.

3. Inbound links: Both volume and good quality are essential here. Links symbolize a pages reputation, and they are usually considered as a vote towards the page. Greater the links it has, the greater quality plus more relevant the major search engines will view it, which leads to higher rankings. Links from relevant and well regarded websites are given increased authority rather than links coming from small irrelevant sites.

4. Inbound link anchor text: This is basically the clickable textual content which forms a hyperlink to your website on an additional site page. This text informs the major search engines exactly what other sites believe your website is focused on. Preferably, you need to inspire individuals to make use of the keywords you’re targeting as the anchor text. The blend of having a hyperlink from a relevant web-site, using anchor text that’s your keyword, can be hugely powerful. This will significantly enhance your rankings regarding those keywords.

5. Domain Age: It’s true that everything being equivalent, an older domain name will position higher compared to a new one. This doesn’t imply that a brand new website cannot position well, it really signifies that if you’re contending against older web sites, then you’ll definitely have a more challenging time obtaining good positions. Even though you do not have direct control of the age of the domain, a method around this will be to buy an old domain, and publish your own content material to it. In doing so the new website will start off having an aged domain, which might help its search term rankings.

6. Site authority: This can be a expression of just how significant the search engines contemplate your internet site to be. It’s thought that a website having a high level of authority is able to rank reasonably well for almost any search term it targets. For instance, might launch a new web page on laptop computers, that web page will get high ranking mainly because the website has extremely high authority. Authority is made over duration, and the more incoming links your internet site has, the greater its authority will likely be. The solution here is you must begin to build lots of inbound links.

When you’re working on these six elements, your internet site will likely be on the road to higher search engine results as well as profitable success. moz also released their 2013 ranking factors and can be found here.

Facebook for Every Phone Reaches 100 Million

22 Jul
July 22, 2013

Facebook for Every Phone Reaches 100 Million


Facebook has made a commitment to working to ensure that people around the world have a great Facebook experience no matter where they are or how they access the Facebook site. Facebook for Every Phone is an app that has been designed to offer users the opportunity to enjoy the social networking features of Facebook on regular feature phones (also known as “dumb” phones), as well as making social networking more available to people in developing countries, while using less data than other Java apps and mobile sites making it more affordable. It is currently available on over 3,000 different phone devices, which is up from when the program Read more →

REVIVED:: Exclusive Lunarpages Interview with Rand Fishkin of

23 Jun
June 23, 2013

Exclusive Lunarpages Interview with Rand Fishkin of

29 December, 2006 - InterviewsSEOWeb Hosting
 Original article deleted by lunarpages. Wayback machine restore found here.

Author: Joe Whyte

When I wrote to Rand Fishkin I didn’t expect a response let alone such a detailed interview. I ran into Amy’s office like I just had won the lottery “OMG Rand replied!”

She stared at me blankly and said “Who is Rand?”

I almost fell to the floor. Let me tell you who Rand is..

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Stingray Sushi Makes Big Mistake with Political Ads

16 Sep
September 16, 2012

If you are like me, then you hate it when actors, musicians or business’s speak out politically. If you don’t feel that way…. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER because this post wont deviate from that main point one bit. Recently, during the DNC convention where Obama accepted his democratic nomination for president, Eva Longoria spoke in favor of president Obama. What is sad is that I USE to like her work and NOW I won’t see any of her films if I can avoid them. I was not happy that she was using her fame to push her political point of views. This is a risk musicians, actors and business’s take when they speak out for a candidate.

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New progressive layer composition in photoshop

20 Jul
July 20, 2012


I have been taking some classes online for photoshop. I’m finishing up a photoshop cs6 essentials course with and today I was working on selecting and editing images and then putting them together as a progressive composition within photoshop. The elements included a scenic background, the moon, a flower and a sun burst. I had to cut these elements out and then insert and develop them into a flattened png composition. Read more →

Sparklines in Excel 2010 – Visualizing data ranges in new ways

19 Jul
July 19, 2012

In my journey to learn more about excel, I recently came across a tool called sparklines. This option is new to Office 2010 and adds a new way to visualize data ranges. This is an easy to way visualize data in ranges and you can evaluate trends within your data much easier now. Below is a screen shot of how I implemented some sparklines into a stock I’m monitoring within excel. Read more →

My daughters first dance class

07 Jul
July 7, 2012

I believe that making a memorable moment is one of the keys to having a full life. I have been telling my daughter that if she is a good girl that we would put her in dance class. Even though she hasn’t hit the mark every time she is still a very good girl so I pushed to put her in dance. It’s pretty cheap and we get a dance class each week every month! Mia was so happy to hear the good news and honestly it’s gone to her head. I think she has just had to much excitement which is why she is testing us whenever possible… I hope.

I couldn’t help myself when planning my daughters first dance class trip. I had to bust out my camcorder and take some video. I was the nerdy dad sitting in the waiting room with a camera, all by myself. Then I spruced it up with some video editing. She is gonna be a really good dancer!