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Utilizing YOUMoz to gain traction and authority for your SEO company

12 Mar
March 12, 2007

Around the time that I developed Rockyfied Rand had created and developed a system called YOUmoz. Youmoz is a hybrid version of the blog. Over the last 2 years Rand Fishkin and his blogtastic cohorts have been laying down highly informative and education posts on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and much more.

Recently, SEOmoz has released its new design and along with the new design comes a new bursting opportunity for social media. In the last 2 years has gown from obscurity to the high traffic powerhouse it is today which is why YOUmoz is a perfect chance to implement a new version of Social Media.

Recently Rand has been inserting YOUmoz posts into seomoz.orgs main blog. Getting your post on YOUmoz over to seomoz main blog can result in as big of a spike in traffic as digg, and stumble upon. The only difference is that it is a Social Media Niche for SEO and Internet Marketing. Recently I read a post done by Daniel Tynski about ” a comprehensive guide to going viral on digg”. It was a pretty good post on digg and how to be successful on it.

Let me show you how getting a post from YOUmoz to SEOmoz can effect your traffic as much as getting an article on digg.

Mr. Tynski recently just put his site online and has released 2 posts utilizing Youmoz has a social media jump off to gain traction for his SEO company. See the Graph below which indicates when his blog first started gaining traction.

volter graph

His first post on the “anatomy of a super digg” was moved over from YOUmoz to SEOmoz and created his first push in traffic as you can see represented from theFeb 19 to the 22. The next time he created a post which resulted in a move from YOUmoz to SEOmoz was around March 3rd called ” A comprehensive guide to going viral on digg” which landed him an enormous amount of SEOmoz traffic.

What daniel has done is utilize YOUmoz to gain traction and traffic to his own SEO firm. I am pretty impressed with his leveraging and I have a feeling many other companies will follow him in his footsteps.

Now that you know the power behind YOUmoz lets digg into some factors to consider to get your YOUmoz post over to SEOmoz.

How informative is your YOUmoz piece:
Depending on how informative your post is will have a strong influence on weather rand or someone from the SEOMoz team brings your post over. Give as much proof, examples and tips as you can . Don’t be shy to link to informative articles and or sites.

How Accurate are you:
In order to have your YOUmoz post make it to SEOmoz blog you will need to be accurate. Obviously, anything that contains errors or is claiming a fact that is at best considered an opinion.

Are you utilizing your SMO:
Link Bait and title bait are very important. These are key considerations when writing for the public. Is your title attractive, are you utilizing lists or do you target hot subjects in the industry? The more attractive your story is the better chance you will make it from YOUmoz to SEOmoz.

How in depth is your post:
Most likely a small post will not get from YOUmoz to SEOmoz unless its something that is extra special. Make your posts in depth but not LONG. There is a difference. Informative posts are long because they are full of education , tips and tricks. Long posts can be full of nothing.

What is the objective of the post:
Are you using YOUmoz to just self promote? Is your only motive for posting at YOUmoz self gain? Are you trying to game YOUmoz for self gratification? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you probably won’t make it into SEOmoz from YOUmoz.

Are you offering something new and fresh to the community:
So you have created a post that is indepth, articulate, thoughtful and you are utilizing your SMO. Great, but is your post topic outdated or regurgitated material? From what I have seen, YOUmoz posts make it to SEOmoz blog because they put an interesting spin on a widely talked about and virally hot subject.

Are you an active user on SEOmoz:
Honestly I really doubte that this is to big of a concern. I think the powers at SEOmoz would appreciate it but I think they know how to spot real potential and really great posts and what it comes down to is basically, is your post worthy?

Watch your popular posts:
Something that I like to do is take a look at the most popular YOUmoz posts going on. This portion of SEOmoz reminds me a lot of the popular user list on digg before it was taken down. Take a look at your YOUmoz most popular posts here.

I know Rand had mentioned to me that he would be putting together a post on outlining a posting guide for YOUmoz but I thought it would be fun to put together a post on how you might get a YOUmoz post over to SEOmoz. I am really impressed with the idea of YOUmoz and I knew the first day it was released that it would be a big success. Something that I did not think of is that it would be a new form of social media. I expect in the future for many other highly trafficed sites to follow suit. Who know, we might even see newspaper’s doing something like YOUnews Orange County ;-) .

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    9 replies
    1. ReTodd says:

      I guess I really need to take more time on the posts I make, and articles I write. Maybe then people would actually bookmark them. Heh, if I actually had extra time that is…

    2. joe.whyte says:

      LOL yea I know todd. I’m know doing design for LP can really keep you on lock down.

      Jaan: Thanks, I really appreciate it and I am happy you stopped by.

      I posted this on youmoz so I am curious to see what developes with it on youmoz.

    3. joe.whyte says:

      This did not make it onto youmoz!!!!

      What the heck!

    4. Jaan Kanellis says:

      They did not tell you why not?

    5. joe.whyte says:


      I left a comment on their post to see if they would tell me. I am suspicious they thought it was spam but honestly it was not my intention. I spent a while writing this post in hope to just MAKE IT on YOUMOZ. Not for any other reason then just putting together a guide FOR seomoz just to help.

      O well. Ones man trash is another mans treasure. I will not beat myself up over this but I would love to hear something official from

    6. Rebecca Kelley says:

      Hey Joe, we had to reject the post because it was already published here on your blog. Original content only! Sorry…

      Rand loved it, though…

    7. Joe Whyte says:

      I have mud all over my face right now.

      I feel like a jerk.

      You should have just said… “remove it from your blog jerk off and it would have been included” . lol

    8. Rebecca Kelley says:

      Haha, well I didn’t KNOW you then! If I could go back in time, I’d totally call you a jerk off and tell you to take that shit off your blog. :)

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