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My Results from Keyword Placement in Title Tag Case Study for SEO consulting

05 Sep
September 5, 2007

Its been close to 2 months since I made my title tag change on This case study was just for fun and looks like we have found some interesting results which a lot of us are probably not suprised about however this adds more “proof in the pudding” if you will and clears up misconceptions in a field full of opinions in my mind.

I have been checking for the past 2 months and it looks like the SERPS have settled to at least what is going to be a normal positioning for my targeted keyword term which was “SEO Consulting”. I have landed on page 2 at the bottom. Over the last few months I have seen myself as high as number 11 on the second page and as low as the bottom of page 3 however I have not seen me go as far as the 4th page which is a pretty amazing testiment to the power of changing your title tag for your keywords and good ground work for a powerful argument against the power of keywords regarding their proximety to the opening title tag.

seo case study

I can  see a few things that concern me. One being the fact that there is no description tag so “seo consulting” is being pulled from the page. I think I need to go ad that term somewhere on my page, maybe in an H tag ;-) .

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    5 replies
    1. Russ A says:


      What were you ranking before the test for “seo consulting”?

    2. joe.whyte says:

      Hey Russ, I ranked for seo consulting but closer to page 5.

      Here is the first post in my case study.

    3. Armand Rousso says:

      Ranking on Google has never been more difficult. There are several ways to counter spamdexing. Even though spammers are trying to increase their ranking, Google is always fighting against them.

      Armand Rousso

    4. CorpMan says:

      I have tried to spamdexing my website (long ago) and indeed, I agree completely with Armand Rousso, they are good and finding spamdexing website.

    5. Chloe Baby says:

      I have been going alt and title text mad latelty (on links not page title).
      I have also been mixing in PPP (Pay per post) on some splogs..etc which has worked quite well, although must be mixed in with some good PR strength aswell.

      I think to rank well for terms there is alot to be taken into consideration and i am also a keen correct user of all the heading (h1, h2, h3..etc) tags.

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