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Looking for a list of social media sites? I have them all here.

02 Apr
April 2, 2007

Over the last year a cornucopia of social media sites have sprung up. Its been hard to keep track of all of these but something that is so great about these social sites is that they encourage forward thinking, sharing information and networking all at the same time. In my mind this is one of the ways we as a society show our growth and our progressiveness. I have scoured the Internet to find a quality list of sites that incorporate a sense of socialness to them. I use a lot of these sites and will start using some that I just found.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

Content Rating:

Social Networking Sites

Video Networking Sites

Micellaneous Social Sites

Wiki Sites

Job Sites

Organization Sites

Tagging Sites

Photo Sites

Music Sites

Political Sites

Shopping Sites

Program Sites:

Feeds Sites

Maps Sites

These are just a few of the hundreds that I found online. I think it would have been ridiculous to post all of them as a lot of them just suck! I listed the ones I found amusing and/or truly beneficial to users.

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    1. Jaan Kanellis says:

      Hyper linking them would have been nice :)

    2. Brian says:

      Good list Joe. I’m gonna check a few of these out..

    3. Antony Berkman says:

      You have really good insight into the intersection of SEO and social networks.

      You’ve visited and used a stack of social networking sites. What would you consider the most useful, fun and sticky features? What features would you say are the most valuable features offered by social networking sites and what is missing?

      Id really appreciate your insights.



    4. joe.whyte says:

      Hey Anthony,

      First off, thanks for stopping bye anthony! I have really enjoyed the new tools you have built for blogcatalog.

      Here are some quick ideas.

      1. Be unique. I know everyone is getting reader widget crazy but come up with an interesting twist if you are going to keep the widget. You need to offer a service or function that is not currently available. Being able to be the first to offer a new feature makes you an authority.

      2. Make interacting with other users really easy. Implement an IM function or something along that line.

      3. You have some interesting tools already but perhaps you may need to go viral with this. Try some social media stuff that is very controversial. It seems like your main competition is mybloglog. Try to think of something controversial you can market to draw some initial traffic.

      4. I look at sites with a large amount of traffic usually because I am into social marketing. Also people who are looking to network are looking for a large community. I am sending you my personal contact info.

      I am off to SES NY come monday but I would like to talk to you further if you are interested.

    5. Antony Berkman says:

      Hi Joe,

      Interesting ideas. Email me a good time to talk and I will call you.


    6. Money Diet says:

      Maybe one you would like to add, It’s a Dutch social network site but pretty dominant in that country plus in Peru. The site is called hyves,


    7. Stephan Miller says:

      Thanks for building a much better list than my own. Knowing the category of web 2.0 site helps.

    8. Patrick says:

      Hi – I noticed that you left off a bit category for social media…Travel. Sites like have millions of members. Would be great to see this category added.

      Thanks for putting this list together. Very helpful.

    9. imran hashmi says:

      Another Social Media site is

    10. Wes Wyatt says:

      Wow! When you make a list – you make a list!

      I will be using this – so thank you and keep up the great work.

      Have a DYNAMITE day!

    11. Jagdeep Singh Pannu says:

      Hi Joe,

      Your categorized list is quite useful; these are some of the best social media sites out there, which provide real value to users.

      I have put together a search engine, which searches these and other social media sites (around 300) to see how visible a website is on social media networks, and also to do research on competition and see how website owners are leveraging these social media networks; you can do this by searching for keywords related to your website.

      Here’s the URL:

    12. Amish says:

      I would like to ask that is there anything using that i can bookmark all the site at one effort….

      please let me know,,,

    13. Rose says:

      What a great list. I will be stumbling this for sure. I’m writing my own guide to social networking sites that I have joined.

    14. Model Planes says:

      A very useful list, already in my bookmarks.

    15. Kameran says:

      I was Googling the latest blogs on Social Media deals, and came across your nicely indexed and comprehensive list. Nice!! I noticed Jaiku just got acquired by Google.


    16. direct response marketing says:

      Good list, but one of your other readers did mention that hyperlinking would have been cool, but, beggars cant be choosy, godd job.

    17. John van Dongen says:

      Thanx Joe,

      A great list. As for the hyperlinking…No problem at all I should think..
      Hope You still attend to the list..

      John from the Netherlands

    18. Utah SEO says:

      I like how you categorized this list and just didn’t make a huge comprehensive list. thanks!

    19. Stev says:

      very good list.
      I found another site: It’s a new social mapbased network. If you like it you can add it to your list.


    20. Karlonia | Internet Marketing Blog says:

      Once again, a nice list of useful sites to explore. To the commenters that mentioned the lack of hyperlinks, I suspect that the poster did not want to make the URLs active hyperlinks because it might the page look too much like a link farm from the search engine’s perspective and would dilute the “link juice” with so many outbound links on one page. Frankly, I would have been reluctant to link out to that many sites on a single page as well.

    21. Catherine G. says:

      A voice-based music search engine with a social network bolted on. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, just sing or hum a few seconds of any song. In theory, Midomi will return a link to the original song for partial playback or purchase, and will also return results from other users who’ve recorded themselves singing that song.

    22. Jason says:

      This is a social site for work at home listings and information

    23. Patricia says:

      wow dude, this is comprehensive and awesome! Great job. Now my readers can benefit too!

    24. Arun says:

      Nice list. Today I make profile in 10 sites as mentioned above.

      Thanks Again.

    25. Anil Gupta says:

      MY favorite social bookmarking sites are Digg,, propeller & StumbleUpon

    26. Darshan says:

      Good list of social bookmarking site list.
      can you please add one more site of sb
      which is


    27. victorseo says:

      Dude, you rock! Email me, get me on linked in, lets talk!

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