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I made it to the front of the technology page on

24 Jan
January 24, 2007

Newsvine puts me on top of their technology page within hours of my article release on the newsvine algorithm.
Well utilizing SMO to leverage traffic is a huge advantage to any campaign and knowing HOW to do this is key. I recently created a post on the possible ranking factors on I examined what could possibly make a article or seed appear on the home page or sub home page for a given tag. Well I just wanted to say “I did IT!!!”.

See the image below showing where I showed up on newsvine.

So what did it take? Let me tell you the state of my profile before making it to the first page.

1) I had about 10 friends
2) I had about 2 articles submitted with 1-3 votes each and NO comments on them
3) I was a member for less then a month and a half
4) 1 person had added me to their watch list
5) Never made a story popular before

What was special about this article that got me on the home page of technology?

1) One of the most popular and well respected people on newsvine made the first comment and that created my first popular comment.
2) In a short period of time I was over 10 votes.
3) I had a large number of comments. About 10 which is pretty decent for newsvine.
4) The article was interesting and inspired controversy.

Any SMO can take this idea and apply it to other social media sites but its all about determining possible ranking factors for each social media site and doing testing, testing and doing more testing.

Somthing I would like to add is the power of seeds Vs. Articles on newsvine. Doing self promotion is against their code of honor but they do provide an area where you can upload full articles of your content. The difference between both is a seed is more like a “digg” and an article is going to be more like uploading content to article distribution sites BUT with more targeted traffic which could bleed over to other forms of traffic redirection.

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    2 replies
    1. Tim Mayer says:

      Very NICE!!!

    2. Jessy Johnson says:

      Dang I have been paying a lot of attention to digg but as a true SMO I should know how to game all social media. I kinda don’t like anymore. The community are kind of assholes. How do you like the newsvine community?

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